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Do you manage Manufacturing Orders (MRP) or Projects in Dolibarr? Configure your own quality control lists with the help of this functionality, generate personalized templates that you can add to the Manufacturing Orders and/or Projects and keep track of the aspects that mark the quality of your work and products, export the records to Excel and analyze your results, keep control of your processes. Find this module at Dolistore.


First steps for its use:

1. You can install the module in 2 ways:
a). Install the module via Dolibarr's external module installer.
b). Unzip the content of the .zip file in the custom directory of your Dolibarr.
Below is a video of the installation and activation of the module using Dolibarr's external module installer, the functionality to manage custom templates will be activated in the Tools Menu of your Dolibarr.

2. The quality control module will allow you to create and configure your templates according to what you need to control in your operating process, below is how to create a new template by entering it from the Utilities menu of your Dolibarr:

As it could be observed, within the types of fields that are provided to manage quality control there are 4 types:
  • Check: It allows adding a single selection type field to mark as correct or incorrect a specific criterion within our control list, it is represented with a hookfor a positive answer or a X for an unsatisfactory answer.
  • Number: Allows you to add a numerical value to capture it as a response to the point to be evaluated.
  • Text: Allows you to add a short text as a response to the point in question.
  • Note: It is a type of text such as greater amplitude, which can be used for a description or comment on the control carried out.

3. The quality control functionality can be applied both to the Manufacturing Orders (MRP) module, as well as to the Dolibarr Projects module. The following shows how control templates are added to these types of documents and additional filling of the control as log example:

4. For greater flexibility and management of your controls, the module allows you to add multiple control templates to the same document, this helps to diversify the criteria, the following video shows this process:

In the same way that you can add multiple templates, you can also choose to remove the ones that are not required for some reason, either added mistakenly or simply no longer functional, the scenario is illustrated below:

5. The analysis of your results for any necessary management will be possible through the Export to Excel feature, you will have the ease of having the data and managing them in the most convenient way according to your needs, the following video shows how to export the data to Excel data:

6. The permissions that you can manage in the module are:

7. For correct use and operation consider the following points:

  • Note that each control record made saves the user who performed it and the date and time of the control.
  • Configure as many fields or criteria as necessary to carry out your quality control process.
  • When adding a control template to a document, either in a manufacturing order or in a project, that control form will not be affected by updates applied to the main template that is configured in the Utilities menu.
  • Likewise, if you delete a quality control template from Utilities, it will not be deleted from the documents to which it was added.
  • Check the permissions granted to users according to their management capacity in the system.

8.  Terms and Conditions:

  • Once you purchase the module in the Dolistore store, you can download all the updates that are made for free using the instructions provided by the Dolistore platform.
  • Feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions through this blog or directly to codlines256@gmail.com.
  • Once you acquire the module, you can make any adjustment, adaptation or distribution based on the open source license GNU General Public License

For suggestions or comments, please write to us, your contributions are valuable.

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