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It consists of a functionality that allows the customer to be shown a screen or view of the purchase they are making, showing the list of products, their quantities, discounts and prices, as well as displaying the total amounts to be paid. The screen allows you to configure promotional images of our business so that the customer can see them while waiting for the payment to finishFind this module on Dolistore


First steps for its use:

1. You can install the module in 2 ways:
a). Install the module via Dolibarr's external module installer.
b). Unzip the content of the .zip file in the custom directory of your Dolibarr.
Below is a video of the installation and activation of the module using Dolibarr's external module installer, in addition, the place where the button for opening the Customer Screen within the Take POS interface is displayed.


2. The client screen has the option to display in full screen for a better client experience, this mode gives a better appearance to the information that is shared, in the following video its use is shown.

3. By default, the customer screen shows a message to thank the customer for their purchase, however, we can customize this section with images that promote our business and thus make it more attractive and call the customer's attention while making their payment, the images they can be inactivated so as not to display them or eliminated if they are no longer valid, as follows:
4. Now, finally, a sample is given of how the process of displaying the sale occurs on the customer screen, the detail is observed, as well as the totals and the sequence of the promotional images.


5. For correct use and operation, consider the following points:

  • The customer screen must be placed on a second screen added to our point of sale equipment.
  • If you close the main TakePos window, close the customer screen as well or open it again to avoid data loss.

6.  Terms and conditions:

  • Once you purchase the module in the Dolistore store, you can download all the updates that are made for free using the instructions provided by the Dolistore platform.
  • Feel free to contact us to give your comments and suggestions through this blog or directly to the mail
  • Once you acquire the module you can make any adjustment, adaptation or distribution based on the open source license GNU General Public License.

For suggestions or comments, please write to us, your contributions are valuable.

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