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It consists of a functionality that allows you to configure windows called monitors, to keep track of the orders made with TakePos and that are sent to specific areas of the business where the merchandise is prepared or delivered, as is the case of restaurants, to prepare the food. in the kitchen or drinks in the bar area. Find this module on Dolistore



The order monitor has been recommended by the creator of TakePos for his new TakePOS Metaverse vision at Dolibarr DevCamp 2022, for reference the video of the presentation is added:

First steps for its use:

1. You can install the module in 2 ways:
a). Install the module via the Dolibarr external module installer

b). Unzip the content of the .zip file in the custom directory of your Dolibarr as shown below:

2. Proceed to the activation of the module in Start->Settings->Modules/Applications, this will enable the module and you will see a new top menu to access the module, "the module will only be displayed if TakePOS is active", as shown below :
Another important point to consider is that the module only works when activating the TakePOS features for Bar or restaurant, in the path Modules->TakePOS->Bar Restaurant

3. Once the module is activated and the necessary characteristics for it to work have been verified, we will be able to prepare the products so that if you want to maintain better control of the sending of orders, the following video shows the creation of a product and the filling of new fields added by the module of orders monitor:

a). Monitor: NEW, which allows us to configure if we want the product to be sent to a specific monitor screen, regardless of the category to which it belongs.

b). Dish type: NEW, it allows to place by default the type of dish to which the product belongs, to keep a better control of the order in which we prepare it or offer it to the client when completing the order, in the same way form can be modified when sending the order to the monitors.

c) Tags: EXISTENT, its choice allows to classify in which monitor the product will be displayed if field a). Monitor has not been configured. When creating the monitors, the categories that will be displayed are placed, a point that will be observed in the following video.

4. Now we proceed to create the monitors that we need according to the business, the following video shows the creation of a monitor for the Bar area and the category or categories of products that must appear in it are added, remember that if in the product a specific monitor was configured it will be taken as priority.

5. After creating the monitors we can proceed to test the functionality, it is important that the Bar Restaurant feature mentioned in point 2, are active, the usual TakePOS procedure is done, a table is selected, the products are added and to send the orders to the monitors, click on the "Send Order" or "Send Order" button, which will show the selection of products with the options of quantity, type of dish and at the end the order is sent receiving a success message, such as looks like below:

 6. The monitor works in real time, which means that when an order is sent, it will be displayed automatically on the screens or monitors that are open, the following video shows an example:

7. Being a real-time functionality, it allows you to keep several open monitors for the same area or monitor as required, then you can see how multiple open screens for the same monitor are updated in real time.

8. In the same way we can indicate by units the products that are already prepared for delivery, this function is also done in real time, as shown here:

9. Management of supplements for Bar/Restaurant:

    In response to the TakePOS functionalities for Bar/Restaurant, support is added for handling supplements in orders, a video with the functionality is shown below.

!!IMPORTANT!! If you already have the TakePos Order Monitor running on your Dolibarr, you must activate and deactivate the module for it to apply this update...

10. Change log and improvements:

  • 2022/11/18 - Management of supplements for Bar/Restaurant.
  • 2022/11/06 - Support for free text products is added, so that the same ones, not being from the inventory, also appear on the monitor.
  • 2022/11/06 - Added configuration to indicate if you want to see the table number or the invoice number in each order of the monitor.

11.  Terms and conditions:

  • Once you purchase the module in the Dolistore store, you can download all the updates that are made for free using the instructions provided by the Dolistore platform.
  • Feel free to contact us to give your comments and suggestions through this blog or directly to the mail codlines256@gmail.com.
  • Once you acquire the module you can make any adjustment, adaptation or distribution based on the open source license GNU General Public License.

For suggestions or comments, please write to us, your contributions are valuable.

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